As a young child Lucia Carbines forever seemed to speak the classic and whimsical words of: ‘When I grow up, I want to run away and join the circus.’ Of course, it wasn’t until she was a little bit older that people started to take notice and realise, that what she had said, wasn’t child talk. 

With a natural flair for the performing arts, her younger years were spent training in music, dance and acrobatics. But it wasn’t until she was 14 years old that she discovered her innate and unusual talent of being able to bend so fluidly in half, that put her on the pathway to her career. 

Truly passionate about the art form she found herself in, Carbines busked to pay for her training. Performing violin solos on the street with the accompaniment of her dog who she would often dress up. She started training meticulously in contortion and aerial arts, and by 17 years old, was performing professionally. 

From the very beginning of her professional career, she has found herself on stage for high profile corporate events. Carbines’ ability to entertain and impress both intimate and vast crowds, along with her elegant and contemporary style, has procured her a number of leading roles in various productions and international tours.